Integrations Pepper
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (L-Series)


  • Order to Table & Pre Order directly to the POS
  • It will allow them to offer Order to Table, Pre Order & Loyalty to their customers in their own branded mobile app
  • Order to Table, Pre Order & Loyalty work natively in one mobile app.
In App orders have an average transaction value increase of 20%

Extended description:

Pepper provide custom built branded mobile apps, fully integrated with Lightspeed POS for Coffee Shops, QSR, Pubs, Bars & Restaurants in the UK, US and beyond.

Peppers capabilities include Order to Table, Pre Order, Pay with App, Loyalty and Marketing & Analytics Console. Businesses can see who their customers are, see their customers spending, purchasing & visit frequency behaviours.

They can then use this data to engage with their customers in a much more personalised way through the app using push notifications and personalised in app content.

Loyalty, Online Ordering