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  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)
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Master your wage percentage by seeing your revenue within Rotaready alongside your labour costs.

With visibility over your sales and labour data all in one place, you can accurately forecast future revenue and use this insight to build staff schedules that cater for future demand.

Rotaready imports Lightspeed sales by accounting group for each hour of the day and shows the corresponding staff wage costs alongside. So you can seamlessly analyse your labour spend across every area of your business.


Integrate Lightspeed with Rotaready so you can build optimised rotas that can save up to 5% on payroll costs.

Seamlessly import your hourly revenue into Rotaready and let our demand forecasting technology get to work. By combining your revenue with local weather, events and reservations, Rotaready will predict your future sales with great accuracy, allowing you to build rotas that perfectly meet demand.

Developed specifically for hospitality, leisure and retail, Rotaready is award winning staff rota software that helps you schedule rotas, optimise wage spend, record attendance and approve timesheets for payroll.

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