• Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)
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Integration Supy with Lightspeed’s POS seamlessly synchronises sales data from Lightspeed with Supy’s inventory management system. This real-time synchronisation enables automatic stock reduction based on recipes of items sold. In addition, the integration allows PLUs from Lightspeed to be linked to corresponding products in Supy, ensuring accurate inventory tracking and reporting. Through this integration, restaurants benefit from increased accuracy, efficient reordering processes and time-saving automated inventory management.

  • Automated stock reduction: Once sales data is synchronised with Supy, the system automatically reduces inventory based on the recipes of the items sold. For example, if a dish requires two tomatoes and five olives and that dish is sold, Supy will reduce inventory by those amounts. This automation minimises manual entry errors and helps restaurants accurately track ingredient usage.
  • Improved accuracy: Errors in inventory tracking can be costly. By automating the synchronisation of sales and inventory depletion, the risk of human error is significantly reduced. This can lead to better financial tracking and less food waste.
  • Efficient reordering: With accurate, real-time inventory tracking, restaurants can more efficiently determine when it’s time to reorder certain ingredients. This can help avoid out-of-stocks and reduce holding costs.
  • Data-driven decisions: The integration allows restaurants to generate reports that provide insight into sales trends, inventory turnover rates and dish popularity. This data can guide menu adjustments, promotional strategies and purchasing decisions.
  • Save time: Manual inventory management can be time consuming. This integration frees up time for restaurant staff and managers to focus on other important tasks, such as improving customer service, culinary innovation or staff training.

Supy is an advanced inventory management platform designed specifically for multi-unit restaurant groups looking to maximise profit margins. The software integrates recipes, suppliers, products and ingredients, providing hospitality companies with a single view of their operations. The platform facilitates effective inventory management and real-time monitoring of food-related expenses, which in turn helps to reduce waste, contain costs and increase profits. In addition, Supy is equipped with comprehensive reporting and analysis tools that provide invaluable insight into various aspects of foodservice operations. Users are empowered to monitor multiple metrics and use data-driven insights for real-time decision making. Accessible via both web and mobile platforms, Supy allows restaurants to create different user roles and permissions, enhancing operational control and creating approval workflows.

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