Welcome to Lightspeed Restaurant (K series)


Welcome to Lightspeed! This page has everything you need to get started with Lightspeed Restaurant (K series).

Scroll down to find your timeline, webinars, links to help articles, and FAQs. We’ve also included contacts for your onboarding team, who are available to help you every step of the way!

Step 1: Menu setup

Set the foundation of your system by setting up your menu, accounting groups, devices, and more.

Watch the video below or register for the live webinar (the webinars are tailored to the audience in attendance and provide an opportunity to ask the Implementation Specialist questions).

After you’ve watched the webinar recording or attended it live, be sure to:

1. Complete the import file (Note: To start using the file, click File > Make a copy)
2. Email the import file to your Implementation Specialist: [email protected]
3. Book 30-minute appointment with your Implementation Specialist for support with the file

Visit our help articles for written instructions or register below for our Menu setup webinar.

Step 2: Account customisation

Customise your account settings with floor plans, discounts, user permissions, and more to reflect the unique needs of your business.

Watch the video below or register for the live webinar (the webinars are tailored to the audience in attendance, are engaging, and provide an opportunity to ask questions).

Visit our help articles for written instructions or register below for our Account customisation webinar.

Step 3: Hardware and payments

By this point, you’ve set up your menu and customised your account. Now you're ready to connect your hardware devices. Any questions? Click here to request a hardware call with a member of our Support team.

Visit our help articles for written instructions.

Step 4: ePOS training

Get an overview of the workflows you need to know to run a shift from open to close.

Watch the webinar recording below or register for the live session (the live webinars are tailored to the audience in attendance and provide an opportunity to ask questions).

Visit our help articles for written instructions or register below for our iPad and front of house webinar.

Step 5: Launch

Do a trial run with your staff to make make sure your hardware is connected and everyone's comfortable using the ePOS on the big day.

Visit our setup and training checklist.


You've got a lot of resources available to you as you get started.

Onboarding Coordinator: Your main point of contact, they’ll guide you through onboarding all the way to your launch date. If you're unsure what to do next or wish to book a call with an Implementation Specialist, send them an email or give them a call at +44 20 3808 2022.

Implementation Specialists: As you move through each milestone, your Implementation Specialist will host the webinar sessions. They’re also available for a one-on-one check-in or training session in case you need additional help.

Help Centre: Explore the articles available to get set up and manage your system, starting with the Getting Started guide.

YouTube playlist: Visit our Video Help Centre on Youtube to see all of our tutorial videos in one place.

Technical Support: If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in the Help Centre or have an urgent request, our support team is happy to help.


How do I log in for the first time?
You should have received an email prompting you to reset your password. Please visit the login page and use the primary email address associated with your account to reset your password.

I have Lightspeed Payments included in my subscription. How do I access my application?
If you’ve applied for Lightspeed Payments, you’ll get an email with a link to your application. If you didn’t get an email and you’ve checked your spam folder, please reach out to your sales representative or Onboarding Coordinator for assistance.

What information do I need on-hand for my Lightspeed Payments application?
To speed up the application review process, please have your business and banking details handy and fill out the form as accurately as possible.

Here’s what most businesses can expect to provide:
- Document signer’s personal information (e.g. SSN/SIN)
- Legal Business Name (e.g. LLC or corporation you’ve registered with)
- Tax ID (e.g. EIN)
- Business address
- Bank Account associated with your business (where your funds will be deposited)

New Business owners may need to provide additional documents:
- Proof of occupancy (e.g. lease agreement)
- Proof of legitimacy (e.g. liquor license, building permit, banking documents, etc)

Note: Lightspeed is required by law to follow local regulatory requirements, and banking regulations as well as conduct anti-money laundering verifications for Lightspeed Payments. This is why the application asks you to provide sensitive information about your business and anyone who qualifies as a “beneficial owner” of your business. If you have questions about any of the requirements, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

How do I schedule an onboarding call with a Implementation Specialist?
Email [email protected] or call +44 20 3808 2022 to contact your Onboarding Coordinator. Please specify your preferred weekday and time for an onboarding call and they will coordinate that for you.

What does an onboarding session entail?
In addition to webinars, you have four individual sessions available to you: three 30-minute sessions and one 1-hour session. Sessions are hosted by a Implementation Specialist and take place Monday through Friday over Zoom during office hours. The only thing you need for the sessions is a desktop or laptop computer with a working internet connection.

Do I need my iPad and the rest of my hardware before I can start setting up my system?
Nope! We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop computer and get started as soon as possible.

I have questions about what to do next. Who can I speak to?
Contact your Onboarding Coordinator at +44 20 3808 2022 or email [email protected].

I still haven’t received my hardware. What do I do?
You should have received a hardware tracking email after the payment was processed. If you did not receive an email with the tracking number or lost the email, please contact our billing team at [email protected].

I have billing questions. Who do I contact?
For any billing-related questions, contact our Billing team by sending an email to [email protected].

I have more questions about Lightspeed Restaurant (K series). Where do I go?
Click here to visit our Help Centre for more tutorials.