Find out how an iPad EPOS system, designed specifically for the hospitality industry, can help your restaurant business stand out from the competition.

Go the extra mile for your patrons

With an iPad EPOS for restaurants in hand, there’s no need to restrict your customers when it comes to taking their orders. Whether table-side, at the bar, counter, or on your patio, you can accommodate your clientele wherever they happen to be. Whether a customer would like to place an order or settle their bill, all it takes is an iPad and your staff can offer on-the-spot service.

Improve communication amongst front and back-of-house staff

No matter how impressive your venue or menu are, if your staff don’t operate as a cohesive unit, you’re bound to run into trouble. An iPad EPOS for your restaurant eliminates the risk of communication breakdowns between your front and back-of-house. By automatically sending orders from the floor to the kitchen, your restaurant EPOS system can dramatically reduce the occurrence of errors.

Increase turnover
and overall profit

Nobody enjoys having to wait. With a restaurant iPad EPOS in hand, your wait staff can provide a smoother ordering experience to anyone who pops into your establishment. No longer do your customers have to worry about their waiter or bartender getting distracted before placing their order. All it takes is a click of a button for a food or drink order to be prepared, boosting satisfaction, increasing table turnover and ultimately allowing you to process more sales.

“What we really love about Lightspeed is the option to have modifiers on every product. We can start with a basic burger and then select whether it’s blue, medium rare, well done or burned to a crisp”

-Jason Rowe, managing director at Rub Smokehouse and Bars
Personalise the experience you offer

Personalise the experience you offer

Switch up your seating plan on the fly to accommodate larger parties, easily modify orders to suit dietary preferences, offer choice when it comes to payment and how customers receive their bill. Your clientele should be served the way they prefer and an iPad EPOS for your restaurant can help you tailor the service you offer to them.

"I love being able to get specific reports for specific timeframes and dates."

-Sefi Amir, co-owner of Lawrence

Give your staff the knowledge they need

It’s been proven time and time again that knowledgeable wait staff sell more and help drive repeat business. Empower your employees with the information they need to answer any questions your customers may have. Equip them with iPad EPOS restaurant systems and they’ll have instant access to specific menu and wine list details.

Run a reliable and secure operation

Your business is your bread and butter, so it’s only normal to want to ensure that it’s always running at full steam. Lightspeed’s restaurant iPad EPOS never quits, whether you’re dealing with a power outage or an internet connection issue. As for security, maintain full control over who has access to your business data. Need to change up your security settings? Log into the back-end wherever you happen to be and make any changes you need.

Make fact-based business decisions

When it comes to running your business, you need to know exactly what’s working and what isn’t, whether it be a menu item, an employee or a payment option. Our real-time reporting dashboards are accessible on any iOS device and clearly break down complex business data, giving you instant access to the information you need to adjust any workflow.

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