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How Mamma Dough increased order accuracy, cut down wait times and mastered stock control.

Mamma Dough differentiates itself from other pizzerias with an unwavering commitment to local produce. Their juices are sourced from Kent, their coffee is roasted in Shoreditch—even their mozzarella is made with English milk. After six years with Lightspeed, and with seven locations across South London, Momma Dough is going strong. That wasn’t always the case, however.

Business Type

Casual Dining

Products Used

Lightspeed Restaurant, Lightspeed K-Series


London, England

Error-prone workflows and legacy tech negatively affected service

Mamma Dough used to process all their customer’s orders on paper slips. This made wait times longer and errors more likely. Their inventory management was a painstaking, time-consuming process of noting quantities on paper, and filling them into an excel sheet. The inefficiencies didn’t end there. Their delivery operation required separate iPads to process orders from different delivery platforms. A manager would then have to punch these orders into the main system at the end of every shift. The source of these problems was clear: a rigid legacy system which couldn’t adapt to the growing complexity of the business.

In came the ePOS, out went the inefficiencies

After 2014, Mamma Dough’s order accuracy improved, and their wait times reduced. Inventory management became less error-prone and time-consuming. Stock levels would be automatically updated on one system as inventory moved in and out of all seven of their locations. They did away with their tablet farms as orders from various delivery platforms became aggregated into one iPad, from which they also processed their in-house orders. What had changed? They had adopted a more flexible, cloud-based system. Mamma Dough had adopted Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS. “A lot of other systems make things so much more complicated than they need to be.” says Operation Manager Ben Ryan. “The simplicity of Lightspeed just makes running a business that much easier.”

Mamma Dough continues to work alongside Lightspeed to drive their business forward

Lightspeed’s flexibility of Lightspeed and slew of integrations are a world away from Mamma Dough’s old legacy system. Management can tailor the technology to suit the specific needs of the business. Ben was also delighted by the personal touch of Lightspeed’s customer service—“If there’s something we think might help us, from delivery solutions to payments, the support team will go out and source it for us. Unlike other large companies, our relationship with the support team continued long after we’d made our purchase and Lightspeed continues to grow with us to this day.”

“A lot of other systems make things so much more complicated than they need to be. The simplicity of Lightspeed just makes running a business that much easier.”

Ben Ryan, Operations Manager

Cutting out errors and speeding up service means more profit for your business.

Mamma Dough loves the flexibility of Lightspeed. Want to know what our system can do for you?