Integrating Smart Hotel Strategies

With an uncertain future ahead, hotels need smart and adaptive solutions to keep them on top no matter what. Join our upcoming webinar with a panel of experts on innovative hospitality technology solutions. Lightspeed, MEWS, KitchenCut and Boundary London discuss what it will take for hotels to be successful in 2020 and beyond. We'll cover:
- Implementing contactless solutions into your hotel to facilitate social distancing
- Strategies for attracting domestic tourists during the winter season
- Maximise food and beverage revenue and profitability through delivery, dark kitchens and menu pricing


Meet our speakers

  • Ramiro De Anda  -  Lead Sales Engineer, Strategic Accounts, Lightspeed
  • Josef Lapka  -  Connectivity and Partnerships, MEWS
  • John Wood  -  Co-Founder and Director, KitchenCut
  • Aaron Resch  -  COO, Boundary London