Women In Hospitality: Live Panel Discussion

Lightspeed and partners Epson and Carbon Friendly Dining invite you to discover a summary of the women in hospitality live panel discussion.

Live event
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Lightspeed joined forces with partners Epson and Carbon Friendly Dining to explore the challenges women in the hospitality industry face on the road to success.

During an hour-long conversation, we discussed the importance of modern technology, strategies to become more sustainable, and the power of community.

We discussed

  • What strategies the hospitality sector can adopt to become more sustainable
  • How to leverage technology to streamline operations and increase efficiency
  • How a strong community can help you succeed

Meet our speakers

  • Naomi Heaton  -  CEO and Founder of The Other House
  • Isobel Flude  -  Assistant Manager at 1 Michelin Star restaurant Mana
  • Emily Kanders Goldfischer  -  CEO and Founder of Hertelier
  • Aurelia Delclos  -  Co-owner of Chez Antoinette
  • Joely Tennant  -  Product Partnerships Manager at Lightspeed
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