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Piggy is the leading loyalty platform in the Netherlands. Piggy features a fully branded loyalty platform including an automatic customer base, mailing campaigns and giftcards.

“Technology designed to help you build a stronger relationship with your customers.”

Piggy is the global leader in providing innovative loyalty platforms designed to drive immediate improvements in retail performance for every branch, association or franchise. We have managed the execution of more then 3,000 successful loyalty platforms.

Our focus is to facilitate a tailor-made loyalty platform for our clients in order to ensure customer loyalty. The pull of the platform is linked to the combination of the features to create a unique experience that make customer feel appreciated and better connected.

The platform increases customer visits by developing an appealing brand, high value rewards and the opportunity to collect for a signi cant discount. Piggy generates immediate changes in consumer behavior. The platform is easy to operate. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your customers beyond simple transactions. The real-time data analysis helps you understand customer habits and alter their buying behaviors.

Please reach out to the integration partner for plans and pricing.

Category: Loyalty

Product: Retail