SameSystem A/S

Integrations SameSystem A/S
  • Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)

Making perfect planning easy and administrative tasks a breeze – allowing you to focus on sales and operations.

SameSystem integrates and connects with Lightspeed.This reduces time-consuming and repetitive work, eliminates human error, and means that data in SameSystem is always in real time.

Why SameSystem?

  • Increase sales and reduce operating cost – With SameSystem your stores plan according to when customers are in the store. No lost sales and no overstaffing.
  • Spend less time on store administration – Integrations save time for both store staff and HR while eliminating human error.
  • Improve employees retention and teamwork in your business – Happy employees are more productive, sell more, are better colleagues, and stay longer in the company.
  • Great reporting and management overview – The ideal management tools to stay on top of your business.
Employee Scheduling