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TapMango is the number one rated loyalty program on the market. We achieved it by incorporating the best practices used by corporations and offer it to every merchant we work with, big or small.

It is designed to give you a huge advantage in 3 ways:

  • Retain customers with the most visually impressive system a business could get, and a set of powerful loyalty and marketing tools
  • Acquire new customers through Uber-style referral system, positive online reviews, and turn customer visits into social media marketing
  • Upsell to your existing customers with your own daily flash deals and mobile wallet

When integrated with Lightspeed, TapMango provides a seamless way for customers to earn points and redeem them directly from your Lightspeed app or web portal.

Here are some of the features:

General Features

  • Fully branded
  • Your own branded Mobile App
  • Powerful marketing platform with SMS, Email and Push built-in
  • Flexible customer enrollment: Tablet, Your Mobile App, Online, SMS
  • Flexible points rules
  • Unlimited customer segmentation
  • Flash deals that can be purchased through SMS
  • Uber-style referral system
  • Social marketing, right from the tablet
  • Automated campaigns
  • Visual dashboards and reports
  • Digital display
  • Gift cards
  • NPS engine
  • Mobile payments
  • Multi-location ready
  • And much much more!

Lightspeed Features

  • Seamless transaction and rewards processing
  • Support for multiple registers
  • Keep customers in Lightspeed or TapMango, or both.  You decide.
  • Set extra points on products and categories
  • Flexible dollar spent to points conversion rules
  • Flexible reward redemption (cash, % discount, product restrictions and more)
  • Visually integrated with our customer facing tablet

With our spectacular customer support and an in-house design team there is no limit to what TapMango can do for your business.