Grow your business with Lightspeed Retail

Make the jump from OnSite to Retail and unlock your potential.

Sell from anywhere with a scalable, cloud-based ePOS.

Optimise your workflows and manage your business on-the-go. From built-in reports to mobile sales, Lightspeed Retail connects you to a fully integrated retail ecosystem.

  • Oversee multiple locations from one system with centralised inventory management
  • Streamline restocking with automatic reorder points and integrated supplier catalogues
  • Access detailed sales reports from any device, anywhere
  • Checkout customers on-the-spot and encourage upsells with a mobile ePOS

Keep your data with Doosync.

Move forward with confidence as we support your transition. Migrate from OnSite to Retail and hit the ground running on day one thanks to the most complete Lightspeed data migration tool: Doosync.

  • Get a personalised consultation before you switch
  • Get help migrating your data to your new system
  • Keep your sales history, quantity on hand, vendors, and more
  • Enjoy 1:1 onboarding for Lightspeed Retail when you're ready

Optimise your ePOS with integrations that meet your needs.

From rental management to invoicing and more, explore our extensive list of partners that can help you reach your full retail potential.

  • Add extra sources of revenue with appointment and rental management by booxi
  • Text your customers directly from your ePOS with Ikeono
  • Send and track invoices with QuoteMachine
  • Choose from over 40 integrations to customise your ePOS

Business intelligence, integrated payments, and more.

Switching from OnSite to Retail opens your store up to Lightspeed's comprehensive suite of in-house add-ons built to help you grow.

  • Dive even deeper into your data with Lightspeed Analytics
  • Process sales and get paid using one integrated system with Lightspeed Payments
  • Reward your customers and access marketing tools with Lightspeed Loyalty
  • Link your ePOS to your bookkeeping software with Lightspeed Accounting

Frequently asked questions

Can I keep my hardware?

Depending on your setup, you'll be able to keep most, if not all, of your existing hardware.

Can I keep selling while I switch?

Yes, you can start your data migration from OnSite to the Retail ePOS right away without interfering with your daily sales. The day before your new retail ePOS goes live, one last data import will be performed after your shop is closed for the day.