Enhance your restaurant's self ordering system with Self-Order Menu

Empower customer to send their own orders to the kitchen with Lightspeed's self-ordering system. Save time and reduce your labour costs today.

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Compatible with Restaurant (L Series) only

If your Lightspeed Restaurant app features a red logo on a white background, you’re using L Series.

Increase order size with a self ordering kiosk

Customers order more when placing the order themselves. This frees up your staff to focus on upselling food and drinks instead. Streamline the number of waiters your staff for each shift to become even more efficient.

Improve customer service.

While your guests are placing their own orders with a self ordering system, your staff can focus on the parts of the experience that require a human touch. They can offer guests more information, focus on upsells and create a more pleasant and memorable dining experience.

Use it at tables or at a kiosk.

Getting set up with Self-Order Menu couldn’t be easier or faster to do. Just download the app, and your existing Lightspeed Restaurant menu will populate it. Your guests can start ordering right away. Simple!

Everything you need, all in one place. Finally.

All of our software integrate seamlessly with each other, making it an unbeatable tool for hospitality solutions.

  • One company to trust - One source of customer data - One support team
  • Get one fully-integrated offering
  • Choose from basic to premium features to best meet your needs
Lightspeed ePOS technology stack: iphone, thermal printer, card reader, iPad ePOS on stand

“As guests’ habits evolve, so too must the service. La Ferme Blanche has embraced technology which has enhanced the experience they offer. Fewer errors, more efficiency, more orders, and more success.”

Ding Zhong Zhang, La Ferme Blanche d’Asie

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lightspeed Self-Order menu work?

Lightspeed Self-Order menu allows customers at your QSR or table service restaurant to punch in their own orders using a customer facing iPad. It can be used in one of two ways:

Kiosk Mode

In Kiosk Mode, the customer orders and pays directly on the iPad in a single process. The customer enters their name and phone number, the order is then sent automatically to the kitchen and the customer is notified by SMS when it's ready.

Table Mode

In Table mode, the iPad is placed at the table. Customers on that table can place orders at any time throughout their meal, and a ticket will be sent to the kitchen with their table number. When they are ready to pay, the server processes the payment at the table.

What are the advantages of self-order kiosks

Self-Order Menu helps speed up service, reduce errors and give customers the choice and flexibility to order at their own pace. Self ordering systems are ideal for high volume quick-service restaurants as well as multi-course casual dining restaurants.

How much does Lightspeed Self-Order Menu cost?

Lightspeed Self-Order Menu costs £99 per month, per device.

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