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If you’ve already registered for your Retail EPOS trial, then you’re ready to get started. If not, the first thing you need to do is register for a trial on our website. Fill in your information and follow the steps below.

Getting started: How to add a product into your system

Before you’re able to process a single sale, you need to add at least one item into your EPOS. Watch our quick tutorial to see how to do that.

  • 1. Click on “Inventory” > “New Item”
  • 2. Name the item in the “Description” field
  • 3. Add any additional product information
  • 4. Assign the product to a category and decide whether you would like to set a “Reorder Point”
  • 5. If using Lightspeed eCom, select whether you would like for the item to appear in your online store and make any additional notes
  • 6. Save changes

Find out more about adding products at our Help Centre.

Next step: adding a customer to your EPOS

Adding your customers into your system will allow for you to see all of their past purchases and personalise your interactions. Track your customer’s favourite colours or their sizes right in your EPOS system.

  • 1. Click on “Customers” > “Customers” > “New Customer”
  • 2. Apply “Type” to customer
  • 3. Enter customer details
  • 4. Save
  • 5. If you were processing a sale before adding the customer, clicking “Checkout” will bring you back to the sales screen with the customer attached
  • 6. If you are processing a sale without a customer, you can add a new customer at any point

Find out more about how to add a customer from our Help Centre.

Create a discount in your system

From discounting based on the type of customer to setting individual discounts, you get the kind of flexibility you’ll need in our Retail EPOS.

  • 1. Go to “Settings” > “Discounts” > “New Discount”
  • 2. Select whether the discount will be a percentage or a fixed amount discount
  • 3. Ensure the discount name is sufficiently descriptive
  • 4. Apply discount to sale

Find out more about how to create a discount from our Help Centre.

Importing an item from a catalogue

When you simply don’t have the time to fill in all required product information, you can find the product you’re looking for in a catalog and upload it directly into your system.

  • 1. Go into “Inventory” > “Item Search” > “Advanced”
  • 2. Check box “Catalogue Results” in order to include all catalogues in your search query. You can also include a specific catalogue rather than all possible catalogues
  • 3. Select the item you would like to add
  • 4. Import the item into your local inventory
  • 5. Verify the default product information and add anything that’s missing
  • 6. Save changes

Find out more about how to upload vendor catalogues from our Help Centre.

Get selling: How to make a sale

Now that you have at least one item in your inventory, you want to see how to process a basic sale within the system.

  • 1. Click on “Sales” > “New Sale”
  • 2. Add items by scanning the item or searching for the product name in the search field
  • 3. Attach a pre-existing customer to the sale or create a new customer
  • 4. To complete the sale, click “Payment” and accept the payment for the sale
  • 5. Hit “Max” button for one mode of payment or split the payment as necessary
  • 6. Click “Finish Sale” to process
  • 7. Email or print the receipt to your customer
  • 8. Start a new sale

Find out more about processing sales in our Help Centre.

Take your store online: get Lightspeed eCom

Running an omnichannel retail business business is convenient when using Lightspeed’s Retail EPOS system and e-commerce platform. Watch this short video to see how to set up our integrated e-commerce platform once you’re running a store on the EPOS.

  • 1. Click “eCom” > “Install Lightspeed eCom”
  • 2. Select store location that you would like to sync with your e-commerce store
  • 3. Select language
  • 4. Identify whether you want all products to sync or whether they will all push online (this can be changed later)
  • 5. Set up shop
  • 6. Wait for animation to finish
  • 7. You can start setting up Lightspeed eCom!

Find out more about installing eCom in our Help Centre.

Meet Adrian

Adrian is the Lightspeed UK product specialist for the entire cloud product suite. When he’s not onboarding and training our customers, Adrian enjoys building websites and apps in his free time. His hobbies include reading books on history, spirituality and health, and he also enjoys giving back to the community by running seminars in the form of prison and health centre visits, and other lay activity that help his community.