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Mark from Exclucity

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Get transactional.

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Integrated payments

Safer and faster payment processing. Everybody wins.

Lightspeed Accounting

Automatically post your sales data, save time and reduce errors.

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Multiply your reach.

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Lightspeed eCom

Sell online with a platform that seamlessly syncs to your EPOS.

Customer management

Use customer profiles and purchase history to get to know them better.

Analytics interface

Track everything, from anywhere.

Analytics interface

Built-in reporting

Pull in-depth, valuable reports to learn how you can keep improving.

Cloud-based database

Run your business from anywhere. Bulky servers not welcome here.

Never stop growing your business.

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Multiple locations

Open your second, third, tenth, one-hundredth location. The sky is the limit.

Lightspeed Retail Success Index

Assess the health of your business and get personalized tips to keep growing.

Partner integrations

Customize your EPOS with even more powerful tools.

Need hardware?
We have that too.

Hardware pieces

Ours is designed to have a big impact in the way you work. Not your wallet.

The kind of support you've always wanted

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Get help as soon as you need it. Day or night, for free.

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