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BAM Karaoke Box: High-End Karaoke With High Expectations

On a visit to Japan in 2011, BAM Karaoke Box founder Arnaud Studer found himself being taken to karaoke boxes that the country is famous for. Despite being a self-proclaimed bad singer, Arnaud and his friends spent many hours in private karaoke rooms. After returning to Paris, Arnaud searched for a similar experience to no avail, and so, he set aside his career in finance and created a karaoke box and cocktail bar concept, inspired by those he visited in Asia.

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Business type:

Karaoke box and cocktail bar


8 cocktail bars and 65 karaoke rooms across Europe

High-end and high expectations

As a business that offers a high-end experience, the biggest challenge for BAM Karaoke Box is being able to deliver the same quality results no matter what the time of day or the location.

“Customers book rooms in advance, usually for a big night out, be it a birthday or a company event. They expect quality, and that can create a lot of pressure when you have multiple venues and everything needs to work as expected, every day.” explained Arnaud Studer, CEO and founder of BAM Karaoke Box.

That’s why the partnership with Lightspeed is so important.

“It’s very rare to find a partner to work with in the long run. With Lightspeed, we almost forget we’re using the platform because we have no issues with it, which is great.” said Arnaud.

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The power of personalisation

BAM Karaoke Box wanted to elevate the guest experience, and by using the Lightspeed API, they were able to achieve exactly that.

“We didn’t want people to have to leave their rooms to go to the bar, so we used the Lightspeed API to create an in-room ordering system where guests can order everything via an iPad.” said Arnaud.

BAM Karaoke Box elevates the karaoke experience even further with their signature drinks and gourmet snacks, from charcuterie platters to cheese boards and sake cocktails – a nod to those Arnaud sipped in Japan.

A marble table topped with a vase of flowers and a cocktail

A customer-centric approach

By using the Lightspeed API to create an in-room ordering system, BAM Karaoke Box is able to enhance the customer experience.

“When customers have two hours to spend in their private karaoke room, they don’t want to leave it even for two minutes because they think they're going to miss out on the fun. With in-room ordering, customers get their drinks and food delivered straight to them. It’s all about the customer experience.” explained Arnaud.

As well as improving guest experience, this seamless ordering system is more efficient for the staff, too.

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Digging into the data

Data is key to driving any business forward. It lets you see what’s working and what’s not. With Lightspeed Restaurant, that data is available to you in an easily digestible format.

“One of our favourite features of Lightspeed is the amount of data we can retrieve in the back office, and that we can export that data and analyse it in the way we want.” said Arnaud.

“It's not just about cashing up and knowing your turnover, it's about how you achieved the results, the split of what was spent on what, and having access to all that data in an Excel sheet, which is very important.” Arnaud added.

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The future of BAM Karaoke Box

With an opening planned in London for late 2023, BAM Karaoke Box is booming, but, what makes Arnaud proudest is the opportunities BAM Karaoke Box has created.

“I'm very proud of where we are right now. We have a team of 120 people, and I'm very proud that we’ve been able to create 120 jobs. I’m also proud that we’ve created a venue that offers a new type of entertainment and lets people have more fun in their life.” Arnaud shared.

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A red bar with a long velvet red sofa

“One of our favourite features of Lightspeed is the amount of data we can retrieve in the back office, and that we can export that data and analyse it in the way we want.”

Arnaud Studer, CEO and founder of BAM Karaoke Box

BAM Karaoke Box use Lightspeed Restaurant to improve the customer experience across all 8 locations.

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