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Integrating Smart Hotel Strategies

With an uncertain future ahead, hotels need smart and adaptive solutions to keep them on top no matter what. Join our upcoming webinar with a panel of experts on innovative hospitality technology solutions. Lightspeed, MEWS, KitchenCut and Boundary London discuss what it will take for hotels to be successful in 2020 and beyond. We'll cover: - Implementing contactless solutions into your hotel to facilitate social distancing - Strategies for attracting domestic tourists during the winter season - Maximise food and beverage revenue and profitability through delivery, dark kitchens and menu pricing

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Digital Transformations: Securing Revenue with Hospitality Tech

This year has shown how quickly things can change, but also how swiftly you can adapt. With the right digital tools you can transform your businesses into a more durable enterprise, equipped to withstand the stresses of our new reality. For this webinar, Lightspeed connects some of the smartest solutions in hospitality tech with innovative industry operators. Together, they provide inspiration and practical advice for driving your business forward.

11 AM
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Contactless Restaurant Experience: Adapting with Mobile First Solutions.

Our expert panel from Lightspeed, Tenzo and Wi5 will discuss how to differentiate your restaurant in a world gone contactless, and prepare yourself for an uncertain future. 

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Future-proof: the channels your hospitality business needs to diversify now

As hospitality businesses adapt to a summer like no other, our handpicked panel of experts will share their practical tips to invest in your business' best asset, diversify your channels and prepare for business as unusual.

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Future-proof your business: How to welcome in-store shoppers after COVID-19

Counting the days to get back to business? We've partnered with booxi to help you get started on planning your return. Join the fourth webinar from our Future-proof your business series on June 4 to learn how to offer safe and personalised customer shopping experiences in a post COVID-19 world.

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Future-proof your business: How to connect and sell on social media

Consumer behaviour and needs are constantly changing due to COVID-19. We've partnered with Facebook to help you get social and start connecting with your customers like never before. Join the third webinar of our Future-proof your business series on May 29 to learn more about how to engage with customers in the age of COVID-19.

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Future-proof your business: How to market your web store

Looking to fill up your virtual checkout with customers? It's time to get the tools you need to start marketing your web store and grow your sales. Join the second webinar of our Future-proof your business series on May 22 to find out how to increase your online traffic and get customers to convert.

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Future-proof your business: How to start selling online

Expanding online and getting your web store up and running has never been more important. We've partnered with Mailchimp to help you set up your business for online success. Join the first webinar of our Future-proof your business series on May 14 at 11:00am to get online and start selling.

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COVID 19: Strengthen your business with meal delivery

 In our upcoming webinar, speakers from Lightspeed and Deliverect will discuss COVID-19’s impact on hospitality, the many pros of pivoting to delivery, and how easily it can integrate with your restaurant ePOS.

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COVID-19: Brave the storm and navigate the high seas

Join a panel of industry leaders and experts from Tenzo , Lightspeed HQ the Institute of Hospitality and HIT Training in a virtual discussion that will map out the current terrain — with all its threats and opportunities — while also shining some light on some possible solutions for the future. ??

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