A complete retail solution for your pro shop

From taking payments to managing inventory, Lightspeed's pro shop ePOS can do it all.

Seamlessly transfer from tee sheet to ePOS.

Taking payment for rounds of golf has never been easier.

  • Check out single or multiple players directly from the tee sheet
  • A seamless transfer means you never have to leave your tee sheet window
  • A simple user interface makes it quick and easy for staff to checkout golfers
  • Add items to a golfer's bill while checking out in just one click
  • Connecting to peripherals is instant and easy

Know your customers.

Make your golfers' experience personal with customer profiles.

  • Check on the transaction history of each golfer so you can recommend relevant products
  • Customer profiles let you see every interaction a golfer has had with your course
  • Send receipts directly to customers via SMS or email
  • Offer payment flexibility and let your golfers pay with the method they prefer

Manage your inventory with ease.

A robust inventory management module keeps you on top of your stock.

  • Get notified if your stock drops below a certain level so you can order more
  • Create purchase orders directly from your ePOS and track the order every step of the way
  • Check on your best performing items and make sure you have enough to meet demand
  • Keep track of inventory at different locations and send to your location if you need more

Seamlessly connect your eCommerce page to your ePOS.

All online transactions and inventory counts flow through your retail ePOS.

  • Items purchased online are automatically subtracted from your inventory
  • Check on your online purchases through your retail ePOS
  • Save time with shipping integrations and get products to your customers faster

Keep track of your performance with Pro Shop Reporting

Check on high-level reports or take a granular look at every aspect of your operation.

  • Generate asset reports to stay on top of your pro shop
  • Get notified when your stock falls below certain levels so you know when to reorder
  • Segment data by department, category or sub-category for easy analysis
  • Gain insights about every area of your business to make better decisions