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Your all-in-one restaurant technology solution

The ePOS at the core of everything you do.

The fastest, most reliable point of sale backed by industry-leading support experts from every service type.

Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS

Tools for every industry.

No matter what you serve, everything you need is under one roof with Lightspeed.

Start with the basics

Lightspeed accounting cloud-based POS offline mode tableside ordering

Lightspeed Accounting

Connect to your favorite accounting apps like Xero, Quickbooks or Sage.

Tableside ordering

Enter and send orders to the kitchen from anywhere as they come in.

Offline mode

Internet or no Internet, it’s business as usual. Zero delays here.

Cloud-based database

Enter orders and run your business from anywhere, at any time.

Lightspeed Loyalty Delivery

Grow your customer base

Lightspeed Loyalty Delivery

Lightspeed Delivery

Sync with the biggest meal delivery services right in your POS

Customer relationships

Get to know your customers better to keep them coming back.

Keep improving customer service

Lighspeed Self order menu kitchen display system customer facing display

Self order menu

Let your customers place their orders themselves when they’re ready.

Customer facing display

Display the items and totals of each order as they’re entered in the POS.

Kitchen display system

Give your cooks quick order status updates and speed up table turnover.

Lighspeed Self order menu kitchen display system customer facing display

Never stop growing

Lightspeed multi location hotel restaurant PMS integration


Manage all your locations, orders, reports and data from one place.

PMS integration

Connect your restaurant to your hotel management system.

Top it off with shiny, new hardware.

Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS hardware

Get top-quality gear tailored to handle the hustle of your busiest shifts.

The kind of support you’ve always wanted.

Lightspeed 24/7 support agents

Get help as soon as you need it. Day or night, for free.

Try it, on us.

14-day unlimited access - unlimited users - no credit card required.