Combine living in Montreal, one of the most bike-centric cities in North America, with a desire to democratize bike ownership and make high-quality preowned bikes easily accessible….and what do you get? Rebicycle.

Alexandre Therrien and Benjamin Adler’s vision was a place where Montrealers could enjoy customizing their own preowned bike, with the assurance that its complete assembly will be executed safely by an experienced bike mechanic.


Lightspeed saves us time on menial tasks, so that we can spend more time with our customers and help them find the right bike for their lifestyle and budget.
Every problem…

Every problem…

Inventory management
Like for every bike shop, being able to manage their massive inventory is a make-or-break situation for Rebicycle. They need to know how much they’re carrying of what at any given point and be able to add stock quickly.

Being chained to their desk is something that the guys at Rebicycle definitely needed to avoid. With the amount of information they need to be able to pull up from different places in the store (such as the sales floor or the back office), having a stationary system simply wasn’t an option for them.

Scheduling appointments
Rebicycle sees a large number of customers by appointment and needed a way to be able to automate and simplify that process – getting off the phones and finding a way to let customers do it online.

... has a solution.

... has a solution.

Integrated Catalogues
Alex and Benjamin save countless hours on importing new stock with the help of Lightspeed’s integrated catalogues.They easily import preloaded items from their supplier’s catalogues, without the need for a ton of data entry.

iPad app
By using the iPad app, the guys liberate themselves from the counter and are able to carry their entire inventory around with them. They can quickly check on stock quantity in front of a customer

App integrations
By integrating Lightspeed with app Booxi, Rebicycle are now able to offer customers online scheduling. Simple, quick and efficient, this integration makes their lives easier and gives customers the ability to book according to their own schedule as needed.

Let the world's most powerful point of sale system work for you.

Lightspeed’s POS let’s Rebicycle focus on the customers in their store, rather than on the day-day tasks administrative tasks that come with managing a busy bike shop.

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