Two Monkeys

Alexandria, Australia

In 2015, Dayne Smithett and Lester Ramos, the owners of Two Monkeys bike shop, were looking for a way to improve the way they operated their store. They wanted to reduce the time they spent managing the many different areas of their business and more time doing what they got into the business for: to spend time with bikes and people. They turned to Lightspeed’s cloud-based point of sale solution, Lightspeed Retail so they could do just that. Since they deployed the software, it has given them full visibility and control over their store and the ability to operate a truly agile and efficient business of which the customer is the focus.

Introducing Two Monkeys

Introducing Two Monkeys

Two Monkeys has been in business since 2011, when it opened the doors of its flagship store in Alexandria. It sells a top-class range of bikes and bike accessories and offers bike repair services to anyone with a passion for cycling – from people that commute to work by bike, to hardcore cyclists. But Two Monkeys isn’t just about giving bikers the equipment they need; it’s also about bringing together a community of like-minded people who share a passion for cycling. This goal shines through when you meet the incredible Two Monkeys team, who not only sell and fix bikes, but also organise regular bike rides in the Sydney area. The success of the Two Monkeys’ brand lead the owners to open a second location in Penshurst.

Becoming a cloud-based business

With a growing business comes more things to manage. Using different systems to manage different areas of a business is a big challenge — it’s time-consuming and creates room for error. Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based retail management system that lets the Two Monkeys manage and view the status of their business at any time, from any place. Inventory levels, sales reports, work orders — the owners have secure access to this information using an iPad. This gives them greater mobility to be with their customers and the biking community and helps them save a ton of time.

“Lightspeed allows us to run our entire business from one place. We can focus on what we know: bikes and people.” — Dayne Smithett, Co-owner

The technology also helps his growing team work more efficiently together. The owners needed point of sale technology that could be accessed by all team members simultaneously. With a cloud-based system, the entire business — from the back of house team to the staff serving customers in the front — now works from the same system. This means not only that staff can make sales, add inventory and schedule service repairs all on the same system, but the data also updates automatically. The result? Two Monkeys no longer need to worry about selling more stock than they actually have or ordering more inventory than they can move and every single team member is on the same page.

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Focusing 100% on the customer

Focusing 100% on the customer

Two Monkeys' philosophy is about bringing like-minded people together and encouraging them to embrace not only the fitness benefit of cycling, but also the social aspect. People are at the core of the business and the owners wanted to be able to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

The ability to access customer history from the point of sale enables Dayne and his team to deliver efficient and personalised service on the spot to every single customer. Anytime that a customer comes in to get their bike repaired or updated, Two Monkeys can retrieve the information about the customer, their bike and any previous work orders.

“When I have a customer in front of me, I can see their full history in one place. This builds up the richness of engagement that allows us to service them.” — Dayne Smithett, Co-owner

Customer purchase history also helps Two Monkeys compete with online stores that can often undercut prices offered in brick-and-mortar stores. With this information, Dayne and his team can quickly adapt their pricing to each customer based on previous purchases. “The customer sales history allows me to make an informed decision on pricing at a customer level. For example, whether I should offer a discount.”

Thanks to Lightspeed Retail, the owners of Two Monkeys Cycling can now spend less time on the repetitive, menial tasks associated with store management and more time building an empowering brand and strengthening relationships with their customers.

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