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Ruti is growing flattering fashion for the sophisticated woman with Lightspeed

Ruti Zisser, designer and owner of Ruti, saw a gap in the apparel market that needed to be addressed—sophisticated but comfortable clothes for women that were no longer in their 20s. Where other brands would focus on just fashion or just comfort, Ruti gives women the whole package.

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Ruti’s POS before Lightspeed had many of the features they needed on paper, but in practice, it was limited by the slow system. If a computer failed in-store, a new one had to be installed. Because their POS wasn’t cloud-based, both back- and front-end management suffered while the system was down. Ultimately, the old POS wouldn’t be able to sustain any future growth. So, when it came time to switch, “we looked for systems that worked in the exact opposite way,” says owner Sharon Segev.


Switching to Lightspeed meant no more hardware dependencies that could take down a location for multiple days. With growth plans expanding across the United States and, in the future, internationally, cloud-based multi-location management is make-or-break for Ruti. In addition to built-in multi-store features like centralized inventory management, Lightspeed’s ability to integrate into key programs for accounting and CRM makes it an invaluable piece of their successful technology ecosystem.

You believed in our work from the beginning when we first spoke. And since then, if we needed you, you’ve been there. We’re partners.
Sharon Segev Ruti

Camilla is growing quickly and still providing great service

Lightspeed and Ruti work together to drive Ruti’s success, with the ultimate goal of bringing women smart, comfortable, flattering pieces for any age. “You believed in our work from the beginning when we first spoke,” says Sharon Segev. “And since then, if we needed you, you’ve been there. We’re partners, and this was the premise of the relationship from the beginning. We're a big supporter of Lightspeed.”

Ruti is centralizing its multi-location management with smart tools from Lightspeed.

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