Badichi Belts

New York, New York

Back in 2009, when Yinon Badichi first arrived from Jerusalem, he knew that in order to achieve greatness in the ultra competitive retail industry that he needed to do something different. Feeling that there had been nothing new in the fashion landscape for a long time, his goal was to take an item that was important but neglected and make it special.

He chose the belt –– the focal point of an entire outfit, with a very important function: to hold up your pants! Yet visit any major department store, and belts are often left hanging, tangled, tucked away in a corner.

Yinon wanted to turn this sad reality on its head, by creating his belt boutique Badichi Belts. Here, belts, namely straps and buckles, are the star of the show. At Badichi Belts, customization is key.

When you visit Badichi, you choose a belt strap, a length (extensions are also available if required), a buckle and a rivet. The selection of all these parts is vast, and the staff has as much fun as the customer creating the perfect combination. Once all required pieces and size have been selected, customers can watch in amazement as their belt is crafted right in front of their eyes.

When choosing a POS, Yinon decided to choose a company whose values were the same as his as an independent retailer.

“I wanted a young company, who like me, is always thinking of ways to improve and connect with customers. I wanted to work with a POS that was forward thinking, which is why I chose Lightspeed.” - Yinon Badichi, owner

Yinon initially worked with a non cloud-based POS. However, as his business grew and he became busier, his business outgrew the system and he realized that having cloud access was crucial. Enter Lightspeed Retail. Since adopting his new software, Yinon has the flexibility to manage his boutique from anywhere.

As well as Lightspeed’s cloud-based POS, Badichi also uses Third Shelf’s integrated loyalty platform to gain even more insights into his customers. This integration also helps him improve customer communications as he can offer his customers personalized offers through email and SMS marketing.

For both locals and visitors to New York, a trip to Badichi Belts is not to be missed. What a unique way to add the finishing, yet essential touch, to your outfit.

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