booxi - Appointment Scheduling

booxi - Appointment Scheduling

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Appointment Scheduling by booxi.

booxi’s smart cloud solution saves you from scheduling and business managing headaches.

booxi provides you with a website, online appointment booking, clientele management (CRM), automated communications with email confirmations and SMS reminders, and a virtual assistant helping with marketing and social networks. Very easy to use on a desktop, tablet and smartphone. Ideal for bike shops, pet shops and beauty salons.

Your employees, services and customers are all synchronized with Lightspeed – allowing you to create Lightspeed sales from appointments in booxi.

Some key features include:

* Share employee, non-inventory sales item and customer records with booxi (sync)
* Create sales and add work order with Lightspeed
* Use of store, register and tax class for confirguration purposes

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Product: eCommerce, Retail