Analytics and reporting for your store

Lightspeed Analytics

What are my best selling items? Which items are gathering dust? How often do my best customers buy? Our new analytics tool doesn’t only gather the data for you, it makes the analysis. Your data is translated into tips and insights that will make you sell more.

  • Check your interactive dashboards
  • Gain marketing insights
  • Get rid of your dusty inventory
  • Measure customer demand
Lightspeed Analytics

Over 40 reports included

Items sold, total sales over any period of time and profits, everything you need to know about your sales is right here in the POS. Lightspeed Retail generates and lets you export all the reports you need to grow your business.

  • See how your stores are performing
  • Export reports in your preferred format
  • Check your data across locations
Lightspeed reporting

Employee performance

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees to build the perfect team. See when they are working, when they are selling, who discounts the most and train them to be more efficient.

  • Check sales per employee
  • Plan for rush hours
  • See the average transaction value
Lightspeed employee report