Speed up your checkout process with integrated payments

Get faster

Process sales, close out your day, and process refunds in half the time.

Work smarter

Avoid human error and lost revenue. No more entering amounts manually, it’s all automatic.

Do better

Ditch the cash counter and meet your customers on the sales floor to conduct sales on the spot.

Total efficiency

Total efficiency

Create a better and faster checkout experience for both you and your customers with integrated payments.

  • No need to enter amounts manually
  • Prevent human error and lost revenue
  • Process sales and checkout customers faster
  • Close out your day faster
  • Plug-and-play terminal set-up

Total security

Don’t take chances when it comes to security. Protect your business and your customers from fraud with a payment processor that is directly connected to your POS.

  • Work with a PCI compliant provider
  • Get EMV compatible hardware
  • Avoid financial or manual entry errors
  • Let your customers know their information is kept safe and private
Total security
Total mobility

Total mobility

On a busy day, you can’t afford to have your staff stuck behind the cash register. Let them take payments on the sales floor and save time by completing daily tasks while answering customers’ questions.

  • Take payments anywhere in your store
  • Avoid long waiting lines
  • Process more transactions
  • Accelerate the shopping and checkout process

Total flexibility

Plastic, paper, or coins: accept all payment methods and never miss a sale. Customers can buy your products in store and online with the same flexibility, and you can manage refunds without breaking a sweat.

  • Process refunds without having to ask the cardholder to present their card
  • Take payments over the phone
  • Accept all payment methods
  • Offer the same payment options in store and online
  • Use one processor for every sales channel
Total flexibility

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