A mobile EPOS system for your retail store

80% of retailers who have implemented mobile checkout say it has increased sales. Mobility is the future of retail. Improve customer loyalty and revenue with the help of a mobile EPOS system.

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What does a mobile EPOS mean for your business?

Owning a store is more than standing behind a cash register. From the minute a customer enters your store until the moment they leave with the item they were looking for, you want to be able to help them with all the resources you have at your fingertips.

Your customers expect you to be as responsive as a swipe on their smartphone. Take your iPad with you as you interact with customers on the sales floor and instantly look up any information they need. With a mobile point of sale, you are always ready to sell, process payments and check your inventory.

An iPad EPOS gives you the flexibility your customers expect.

It's time to go mobile, make the move.

Mobile inventory lookup

Mobile inventory lookup

Between selling online, transferring from one store to another or having items taken out of the back office by your employees, tracking your stock can be overwhelming. With a mobile EPOS, your inventory follows you everywhere, giving you the information you need to answer any questions, accurately and on the spot. Whether you have one store or multiple locations, your mobile EPOS tracks all your stock units so they never get lost in transportation, whether it’s moving between locations, out on your sales floor or back to your supplier. Your inventory is complex and always changing. A mobile point of sale is the simplest way to keep up with it.

Mobile checkout

Mobile checkout

Every day, you help customers find the items they want, but how do you close the sale? Without a mobile EPOS system, the customer follows you and waits in a line up at the cash register until they can finally pay. With a mobile point of sale, you simply take the payment on the spot. What do you think your customers would prefer? Our mobile checkout solution accelerates the payment process, increasing your customers’ satisfaction and allowing you to make more sales as they are closed quicker and more effectively.

Mobile reporting

Mobile reporting

Going away on a trip with your family or attending trade shows to check out the trends of tomorrow doesn’t mean you have to disconnect from your store. If mobility used to mean less access to your data, now you can get away from your store and not miss a thing. Track your sales, inventory and employee data anywhere and in real time just like at your office. Mobile reporting enables you to know how your business is doing so you can adjust your strategy and manage your team remotely. Mobility should always include mobile business intelligence. With our mPOS, it does.

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