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Mobile Order and Pay: 5 Efficiency Boosting Apps for Your Pub or Restaurant

Mobile Order and Pay: 5 Efficiency Boosting Apps for Your Pub or Restaurant

Mobile order and pay apps could revolutionise the pub or restaurant experience by bringing greater efficiency to customer service.

But what are mobile order and pay apps, how do they work and which one should you implement into your business? In this post, we’ll explore the new world of order and pay technology and run you through some big names on the market.

Let’s dive in!

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What is mobile order and pay?

Mobile order and pay tools give customers access to a pub or restaurant’s menu from their phones without the need to install any apps.

It usually works via a QR code that customers scan or an URL that they can enter manually. The menu is then displayed and they can browse, order and pay from one place.

If you have an existing restaurant, pub, or bar ePOS, most of the apps listed in this article will integrate with it seamlessly. Orders coming from mobile and pay apps will then be sent straight to the bar or kitchen.

This boosts the efficiency of service by eliminating the need for waitstaff to walk to and from tables to take orders. It also reduces the risk of error because customers punch in orders themselves, instead of staff having to do it.  


The benefits of mobile order and pay

Mobile order and pay solutions minimise physical contact between customers and employees as they eliminate the need for prolonged face-to-face interaction. The UK government has suggested its adoption to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in pubs and restaurants. But the benefits go far beyond that.

Even before COVID-19, the customer experience was going contactless. Public health fears may have done away with self-order kiosks for the moment, but we’d gotten pretty used to using them before now.

The desire among consumers for contactless solutions hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, it’s stronger than ever. Customers are now looking to their own devices as the main point of contact. 

Benefits for restaurants

  • Customers can order and pay from their tables. This lightens your waitstaff’s workload, freeing them up to attend to finer points of the customer experience.
  • There’s no need for guests to attract a waiter’s attention to add to or modify their orders, making service quicker and more fluid.
  • Interactive digital menus make it easier to upsell items. Some use algorithms based on past purchase data or seasonal data points to promote the right items at the right times.  

Benefits for pubs

  • Eliminate crowds and queues at the bar area, making bar service run smoother.
  • Easy ordering could result in larger ticket size for drinks orders.
  • Pubs can reinforce their branding through white-labeled platforms.


Examples of mobile order and pay solutions


Wi5 mobile order and pay solution has surged in demand in recent months. Businesses everywhere are seeking tools to reduce physical contact and facilitate social distancing on their premises. The ePOS integrated solution provides a range of services, from order and pay to click and collect and order ahead.  

One of Wi5’s handy perks is that guests don’t need to download an app to use it. They simply connect to your wifi, scan a QR code and place orders from their mobile.

Payments become much easier as well. Customers can pay frictionlessly via Google Pay, Apple Pay or contactless card without any form filling or registrations.

Wi5 gives customers the choice to order and pay at the table or to click and collect, allowing you to expand your revenue stream beyond on-premises sales.

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Flipdish is a digital ordering platform whose user-friendly technology can also be used for mobile table ordering.  

By allowing customers to select their location upon ordering— such as table or room numberFlipdish speeds up service while reducing the risk of human error.

Flipdish lets business owners create their own branded ordering platforms, fully integrated with your existing ePOS.

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UEAT is a smart ordering app designed to boost conversion and grow ticket sizes. Its contactless order and pay features work like any other: customers scan a QR code or enter a URL to get access to your menu.

But where UEAT is different is in its AI-powered upselling system, which tailors the customer experience by combining past order data with local data points like the season or sporting events to make recommendations specific to each guest. 

This means that the menu is specially catered to the customer who is using it. This can greatly grow your profit margin by increasing your ticket sizes and boosting the chances of repeat business.

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Mobi2Go allows restaurants to build a branded platform that gives customers easier mobile access to their menu and to send orders directly to their existing ePOS system.

It works through a system of table cards where customers can scan a QR code or enter a URL for quick access to menus.

As a white-labeled solution, Mobi2Go lets you align your order and pay technology with your pub or restaurant branding, and can play an important role in forging the customer experience.

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QR Menu App

QR Menu App makes digitising your menu easy, and its multi-language features make it an ideal order and pay app for restaurants in tourist areas or hotels.

The app encompasses all the benefits of a digital menu. You can import your menu for Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS directly onto the app, where you have the ease and flexibility to make changes and updates, and even embed a responsive menu on your website.

The menu also integrates item data from your ePOS system for a smart menu layout, showing allergies and dietary information when the customer is browsing. This enhances the customer experiences and reduces the risk of costly errors.

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Stay one step ahead

Mobile order and pay solutions are changing the way restaurants and pubs work, and in so doing, are helping businesses everywhere adapt to the new normal. The future may be uncertain, but with the right technology, you can stay one step ahead.

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