Clarence Street Cyclery

Sydney, Australia

Based in Australia, Clarence Street Cyclery is Sydney's leading cyclery shop. The shop prides itself on quality customer service and outstanding range of cycling products.

With a longstanding business such as the three-decade legacy Clarence Street Cyclery enjoys, it’s easy to think that the tools that you’ve been using for a long time are the only ones that can help you to run your business effectively.

Staff is used to using the systems that are in place and can be apprehensive to change. But the time comes when organizations grow tired of exorbitant maintenance fees, grafted solutions and antiquated approaches to technology. It’s then that companies seek solutions that fit their modern needs and suit their up-to-date preferences rather than where they were, technologically, years ago. Working with a value added reseller can help ease that process, which was the case with Clarence Street Cyclery, which engaged Sydney-based SMB Consultants to deploy the Lightspeed Point of Sale system in the fall of 2011 after having seen the platform demonstrated at a retail trade show.

Deploying a Mac-based system made good sense to Clarence Street Cyclery’s IT decision-makers, who recognized that their staff was part of the iGeneration, those that have grown up using iPods, iPhones and iPads.

““Going to a Mac platform makes sense in this day and age, as most of our staff run a Mac at home or have an iPhone, so they understand and enjoy the Mac operating system.””

While there was some initial hesitation from the staff to changing from a system they were used to, that quickly faded when they experienced the Lightspeed platform.

“Once the staff started using Lightspeed and could see the ease of usability and the advancement of features that helped to make their job easier, they have gone from strength to strength.

Clarence Street Cyclery customers have also taken notice of Lightspeed.

“Customers seem very interested in a business that is working in a full Mac environment. People are impressed when they see iMacs at the point of sale and often ask what program we are using. Customers love the fact that we can easily send an invoice by email or send through a quote or order via email for confirmation.”
The positive impact that the platform has had on the company’s business processes has had a corresponding positive impact on the company’s work environment.

“Lightspeed has helped change the culture in our store. Lightspeed is easy to use and install on any machine. It has made our working environment streamlined, professional and a pleasure to work in.”

Our favourite features are the ability to do quotes, orders and service repair orders all through the system with no extra paperwork required. The email function, mobile point-of-sale options, integration with TYRO for payments and Web Store integration through Magento are all very attractive features as well.”

"Lightspeed has helped change the culture in our store."

How can your business benefit from Lightspeed POS?