Marché des Éclusiers

Montreal, Canada

Based in the historic old Montréal, Marché des Éclusiers is a local market where talents of the food industry join forces to offer residents fresh products and a space where the community can interact.

Looking to dynamize the old of Montréal, the municipality issued a call to action to entrepreneurs, hoping for unique concepts. Enthused by the perspective, young entrepreneurs Echo Vergil and Devin DeSousa decided to submit their concept of a marketplace and a few months later, they received a call with good news.

Marché des Éclusiers

When we reviewed all the spots available, we only wanted this one. In the end, it turned out it was the only one left, Echo Vergil.

The future always seems bright when stars align in such a way. Surrounded by positive energy, Marché des Éclusiers was born.

If a marketplace is essentially a big retail operation, Echo and Devin didn’t want to stop here. Like the most popular markets in Europe, they wanted to add restaurant elements to strengthen their offer.

To manage this ambitious concept involving retail and restaurant, the talented and creative couple trusted Lightspeed, not once, but twice :

““We use Lightspeed Retail for the farmers’ market and Lightspeed Restaurant for the restaurants.””

Within Marché des Éclusiers, merchants have their own operations, but as a global initiative run by Echo and Devin, a POS system as robust for inventory management as for reports was required. For this adventure to be a success and to grow for years to come, the data is especially important. The winter season makes it impossible for the market to be open all year long, but Marché des Éclusiers is here to stay. Echo and Devin want to expand, which means more data and more inventory.

“Ideally, I’d like to see more kiosks in the market. I want to see our Marché des Éclusiers become a big market in the city,” says Echo.

Echo and Devin’s drive and passion will lead them where they want to go, no doubt. However, as humans trying to achieve herculean tasks, they need backup. Lightspeed’s POS system is a shoulder they can lay on, and the partner who will support them on the road to success. A fresh point of sale for fresh products. Welcome to Marché des Éclusiers, powered by Lightspeed.

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