Perrine's Wine Shop

Atlanta, GA
Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Perrine's Wine Shop provides a unique wine buying experience through knowledge sharing and access to wines from more than 350 distinct domaines.

When sommelier Perrine Prieur was planning the opening of her boutique wine shop, she selected a PC-based Point of Sale system.

Let the world's most powerful point of sale system work for you.

Expecting the new POS to be easy to set up and install because it had a recognizable name, it came as an unpleasant surprise when Perrine received twenty-four boxes without any instructions on how to get it up and running. Ordering it online had been simple, but installing it was a headache. When she shared the resulting frustration with a friend, the friend said, “Get a Mac.” She did.

Working with Meredith Anton of M-Squared, a Mac-focused computer consultancy and Certified Lightspeed reseller, Perrine was able to get her store set up quickly and easily on the Lightspeed platform. Within a week of selecting Lightspeed as her Point of Sale system, Perrine’s Wine was operational.
Perrine eventually became one of the first retailers to deploy Lightspeed Mobile in her store; a cost-effective add-on that gives merchants the ability to meet their customers on the shop floor. The Lightspeed platform easily and efficiently supports business workflows at Perrine’s Wine. Perrine especially likes being able to send purchase orders directly to suppliers, as well as the platform’s inventory-management, which is fast, precise and easy to understand.
“Lightspeed was the best decision I’ve made since opening my business.

“Lightspeed was the best decision I’ve made since opening my business."

Perrine’s Wine is the culmination of Perrine’s lifelong passion and study of all things wine-related. Having grown up in the heart of Burgundy, France, she has honed her craft as a sommelier her entire life.

When she envisioned opening a shop in her adopted home of Atlanta, Georgia, Perrine pictured an elegant shop with handmade décor, furniture and other fixtures that would give visitors a taste of her Provençal homeland. This setting, in contrast with the most modern retail technology, provides customers with a unique shopping experience.

The store offers a variety of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, oils, chocolates and coffees, in addition to a selection of over 350 wines. With such a vast assortment of products, it’s crucial that Perrine and her staff can personally interact with customers throughout their shopping experience, and recommend wines that suit their personal preferences. Lightspeed Mobile allows staff to tour the store and assemble cases of wine while adding other items to the order as the customer shops. Then, after completing the transaction, they can process the credit card payment and email the invoice --all without visiting the cash register.

"Lightspeed does it all! Selling is easy, and our customers are happy, too."

These one-on-one interactions ensure that customers have the most personally tailored shopping experience possible. It also builds Perrine’s relationship with her customer base, allowing her to create and maintain personal profiles for each customer based on their purchases. Customer service is further enhanced through personalized emails that are sent to customers, and includes special notes on the wines they buy, with plans to eventually incorporate wine pairing.

“All of our customers love Lightspeed Mobile. They think it’s cool! And it helps us take the ‘greener’ approach being able to email receipts and not printing on paper.”

Perrine and her employees enjoy the flexibility that Lightspeed Mobile provides, noting the increased efficiency they get from being able to complete transactions from anywhere in the store.

“When we have more than one customer in the wine shop, we can multi-task using Lightspeed Mobile and our Mac desktop to create invoices. It’s less stressful, from start to finish; Lightspeed does it all! Selling is easy and our customers are happy too.”

“Lightspeed allows us to be more efficient. It was economical, and makes business much easier. I don’t even understand how other businesses can operate without Lightspeed!”

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