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Introducing Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series)

Introducing Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series)

Lightspeed’s on a mission to bring together the world’s leading restaurant technology solutions and build a platform that any business, big or small, can use to grow. As one of the first steps in that direction, today we’re happy to welcome Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) to the Lightspeed family.

The introduction of this point of sale software is a part of our plan to serve a more diverse set of restaurant needs.

What does this mean for my restaurant?

As a current Lightspeed Restaurant user, your existing ePOS will now be referred to as L Series. Your product, billing, service and add-ons will all remain the same. 

Your current Lightspeed Restaurant (L Series) app will continue to sport its usual red logo on a white background. The K Series app will be the opposite: a white logo on a red background.

Is the K Series replacing the L Series?

Not at all! Both L Series and K Series versions exist independently. Going forward, you’ll see K Series and L Series labels to differentiate the two. This includes the login page, the help center, the App Store and partner integration pages. 

What will happen to my existing L Series?

Nothing will change. Your current L Series ePOS is exactly the same—same name, same look, same functionality. Your billing, support and pricing remain the same, and none of your add-ons are impacted.

How can I log in to my L Series ePOS?

Log in to your L Series restaurant ePOS the same way you always have, with the same credentials you’ve already been using. When logging in from a desktop computer, just be sure to select the L Series icon.

Introducing Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series)

How do I know if my existing product is L Series or K Series?

By the app icon colour. The series version of the product will also be listed inside the software, notably on the login screen, in the manager panel and in the about window.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your sales representative directly or request a callback here.

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